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Does your pet give you trouble? Learn how to clean their dirt from carpets! Top carpet cleaning answers!

Do you have questions about carpet cleaning, and everything related to this industry? If so, then this is the right Frequently Asked Questions page you’ve been looking for. Gathered from the experts in this field, you will surely find these answers useful!

What do I need to do before the carpet cleaner arrive in my home?

Before the carpet cleaner arrives in your residence, Carpet Cleaning Azusa technicians suggest that while personally moving your heavy furniture will not be necessary, because they have crews who are well-trained at moving everything safely, It would still be very helpful if you safely move away fragile items and equipment like valuable items, jewelries, electronic goods and appliances, from the rooms that need to be cleaned. This ensures that your precious personal items are stored safely, before any rug-cleaning work commences.

Carpet indentations – can these be fixed?

When moving heavy furniture and other objects on top of carpets, make sure you be very careful, because heavy furniture can cause indentations on the rug, as the carpet's pile could be crushed or damaged. There are a number of ways for correcting these however, and among the best methods include the use of heat, moisture and hand grooming equipment. The process however, may take some time to fully complete, and it may take weeks or months before the carpet is brought back to its normal condition.

Why does sealing grout help?

Grout is absorbent and since it is usually placed on bathroom tiles will definitely absorb moisture and also dirt. Eventually mold will develop and mold removal will almost be impossible. Seal will create a thin layer over grout that it will protect the material. It won't be absorbent anymore and grout cleaning will be done much easier.

There’s gum in the carpet! Should I buy a new one?

Azusa experts know that most carpets go to waste because of this very situation. Most of the time when one sees gum in the carpet, it normally spells the end. However, using ice in order to harden the stubborn substance for scraping will spare your carpet from such a fate.

Are all the spots removed permanently?

It would depend on the techniques used by our upholstery steam clean company, say our experts. With that said, complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed as some chemicals cause permanent damage to the fibers of the carpet. Effective stain removal also depends on how long you have had your carpet, its quality and the time passed since the stains were formed.

Why do sofas need cleaning?

Sofas get dirty, too. Their fabrics will add up to the dusty environment and in combination with dirty carpet floors, they'll cause health problems. Sofa cleaning is even more critical if you have pets in the house. Pet dirt and hair will make the atmosphere even stuffier. You must clean the couch thoroughly through all the seams as well and use ecofriendly products to avoid skin irritations.

Why does grout get dirty?

Despite the common misconception, this type of material is actually porous. Hence, dirt particles and all kinds of tiny debris pieces can get inside it and make it dirty. Additionally, it can react with some chemical compounds and stain. One example of such a compound is ammonia, which is actually found in many cleaning products. That is why you must be extra careful when buying cleaners.

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